Making Art Everyday in 2015 // Day 87

Attack of the Cacti. I worked on this while using Periscope.  Periscope is live videos from people all over the world, doing lots of different types of things.  It's pretty brand new like less than a week old. The best part is that it's really fun too.

It was a totally new experience for me because it's chatting while painting.  It was pretty great connecting with new people and share some of my painting experience.  I am a little shy in sharing my creations outside of the blog, but I have a feeling this will make me a little braver.

I am totally addicted to Periscope and plan on doing it more often and squeeze in some adventures too.

To connect with me on Periscope- just search for Erika Lee Sears.

To read more about this project click here.

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