Making Art Everyday in 2015 // Day 103

Today has been a really tough day as a parent. Nora is now two and half, and I have to start discipling her. I hate the word discipline. Hate it. I know you have to teach your children to do the right thing and to be the best person they can be. But being the non-cool, disciplinary parent is hard.

Nora is a very curious and full of life child.  She loves to make messes and be involved in everything. She tore up a library book, and it was beyond repair.  The book ended up in tiny pieces.  Packing tape would not salvage this book.

 I really want both my kiddos to love to read and love the library. So we took the library book back to the library and I made her apologize to the librarian.  I know I am doing the right thing by teaching her to be kind to other peoples things and that library books are meant for everyone.

Maybe I am being sensitive, but it makes me feel horrible being the grown up sometimes and not just letting her get away with it. I know it's the ground work, but its hard! so hard.

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Unknown said...

I'm definitely not there yet as mine is only 4 months old right now, but I'm sure I'll feel the same way! You want them to stay sweet and innocent. My mom told me years later she cried the first time she had to spank me, so I think every good parent doesn't want to discipline their child but knows the importance of it.

17 Perth said...

Oh my goodness...yes!! I'm sure that was hard even though it was the right thing. I always find myself saying....."it will be worth it!".....and thinking of the "end result". But gosh it is hard!

rooth said...

Good for you momma, for teaching your little ones to respect public property!