Making Art Everyday in 2015 // Day 117

A swan song.

Currently I am reading the book, The Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. It's a book about adjusting your schedule to becoming more of a morning person in order to get more "success" and productivity out of your day. I am only about 3/4s of the way through the book and the biggest change that has influenced me is to not stay up at night but to wake up early and be more productive during the day.

I am a night owl at heart. I am one of those people who can stay up until all hours of the night with out a problem. The problem is that I am getting work done but I am dragging through the day until the kids nap time. or everyones nap time. It just didn't feel healthy- spiritually, mentally, and physically.

We are all busy. We are.  I am busy with making art, being a mom and a wife and it's difficult to try and try and be the best at everything. The biggest thing about just having a baby or any life change, I always feel the need to get back on track and get healthy especially emotionally.  The need to take care of myself at this point, feels so large that I can't ignore it.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what you need in life will appear or least you have to be open to receiving it. I haven't done all the practices in the book yet, but I will give it a go. The first three quaters of the book is talking you into being a morning a person and why it's good for you. So since I have done this small change of waking up early versus staying up late, I have been way more productive and feel a lot more creative. and I am not so down on my creative side, meaning not feeling glum that I can't just make art. or feeling my art isn't good enough. yes we all go through that.

Creative thoughts your way this Monday.

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