88 Strong // 3/8

PDX Cycle. I love painting a marquee it's my favorite part.

We are headed out of town for a few days to the coast. I plan on taking my sketchbook and watercolors. I love oil painting but it will be nice to take a break a miss my art studio.  The best thing is getting out of town and shaking up that creative energy. There is something about getting out of your dedicated work space and having to make it work and see what's happen.  

 We all still have colds but maybe the beach air will do us some good.  The poor kiddos coughing all night long and just wanting to cuddle.  I'm not sure if it's colds or allergies or maybe a combination but I do have a humidifier on blast and vick's on hand.  

PS This is also day 126 of making art everyday in 2015.  To read more about this project click here.  
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