Write On

A few weeks ago on instagram, I posted a note that I received my Write On starter kit and I wanted to send out some snail mail. Write on is a challenge of sending out 30 pieces of mail in 30 days. The starter kit that is free includes a pen and beautiful cards from Egg Press and Hello Lucky.

After saying I wanted to send out a few pieces of mail. I was a little overwhelmed by the response because I didn't think a bunch of people would actually want mail from me? I love receiving and sending mail. Who doesn't? but it's pretty awesome to think that people wanted a letter from me.

I have been thinking that I really want to include some art mail with in my write on letter. I am an artist after all, and why not include something extra special?   Art mail is exactly how it sounds, it's art that fits into an envelope.  I have sent and received art mail and still love the little treasures that have been sent to me.  So why not spread the love?

PS. Want to receive some mail? just shoot me an email at erikaleesears@gmail.com 

I am painting art everyday in 2015.  This is also Day 137. If you want to read more about this project click here.

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