Portland's Best Donut

It is no secret that I love a donut.   You can actually call me a donut connoisseur. When I was pregnant with Everett, I would wake up around 5 am. Then I would drive all around Portland and go to different donut shops. (not joking). So! I was able to sample a lot of different types and kinds of donuts.

Pips- My personal favorite. The only good thing about this donut shop, is that it's far from my house because I would be in trouble. They fry donuts fresh to order. You can't really get better than that. Can you? My favorite is the seasalt and nutella. They are little bite size sugar coated donuts of heaven. They also have a great variety of delicious chai tea lattes. Alton Brown checked this place out last time he was in town. Love this place so much.

Blue Star- the grown up donut. Delicious. My favorite is the basil bourbon.  There are 4 locations all over the city. so it's easy to grab one.  There donuts are the perfect coffee dunker (if your into that for a donut). Each donut is made with TLC and are so pretty to look at.

A Donut a Day- now this is a secret and pretty amazing donut shop.  It's a little out in suburbia but its a classic donut shop and it's pretty delicious. My favorite is pretty much any creme filled donut.  It's located in an old Movie theatre turned mini mall. If you could remember the first time you had a sugarey sweet donut when you were a kid, one of these donuts can teleport you to that moment. They are that good.

I am a Portland girl. I am born and raised in Portland and these are my personal recommendations. This is part of my Portland series because it's the best city ever.  Want to read more? click here.

The art (the best part) is part of my making art everyday and this is day 154. To read more about this awesome project click here.

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