Paradise Postcard Show

I'm participating the upcoming group art show Paradise Postcard Show. It's a postcard show and it's an open call which means anyone can participate. I truly love shows like this because there is such a wide array of art and usually a lot of it.  There is always a special energy about a group show with all of the people huddled in  looking at the art.

The theme is What is your Paradise? My paradise with having 2 kiddos and 2 noisy pugs is a quiet minute with a crunchy piece of toast covered in delicious jam. Sounds like paradise to me.

There is still time if you want to send in a little art to participate, the deadline to participate is November 9th and more details here.

Details About the Show:
Dates: November 18th- December 20th.
Location: Ugly Art Room, 460 Madison Ave, Corvallis, OR 

The art (the best part) is part of my making art everyday project and this is day 297.. To read more about this awesome project click here

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