We bought a House!

We bought a house! I have been extremely quiet on the non art front because we have been in the whole process of buying and selling a home.  We have lived in our previous town home for over 9 years. Let me tell you the whole process, has been extremely stressful. It's exciting but it's tough knowing and making these huge decisions are going to really impact my whole little family.

We ended up previously buying a town house because we both worked long hours and before kiddos we loved to travel a lot. We thought that by just getting a town house it would be a great step into home ownership. We didn't have to do any work to the home and it was just the right size for just the two of us.

2 kiddos, 2 big fat pugs, both of us working from home and we both wanted something different. Tim and I were ready for our lives to change. Which means we were finally ready to start the whole process of buying and selling a home. We have been saving our pennies for a long time and wanted to find our forever house.  A house that we would live in and love, well forever!

After interviewing 9 realtors, I finally found the perfect one. Yes 9! I wanted to find the perfect one and the best fit for our family. I know that this would be a terrible process and wanted to make sure and be confident in our decision.

Our town house sold in less than 2 days. Which meant that we needed to find our forever home extremely quickly. A home we could raise our kiddos in, have a garden, share and make memories and a home we would love. That's not a lot to ask. like at all.. right?

We looked and looked at a lot of houses.  I wanted a fixer upper and Tim didn't. Tim told me some of the houses scared him, with the amount of work that they needed. The hardest part of looking for our dream home was finding the one we both equally loved. I wanted something that I could do a lot of work to and be inspired in. Tim wanted a yard and closer to move in ready. He isn't the handiest of guys. (but he can learn!)

So we found one! We wrote a letter to the seller and sent pictures with our offer because we learned it wasn't the only offer. Great. It was the only house we both instantly fell head over heals. It needed some work but it had beautiful bones and so much natural light. After a a couple days, we found out we got the house.

The house needs a lot of work. Maybe less than a lot of homes, but a lot for us because we have never really done any sort of real remodeling or repair work. Yes I have stripped furniture and painted a few walls, but nothing really beyond that scope. We don't even have a lawn mower! I do have a hammer and a screwdriver but that's pretty much it. I am fully prepared to role up my sleeves and learn how to do things. I can totally do this.

So of course I am going to be doing lots of art (that's really my heart) but I am super excited to start showing you some of my home projects and making art for my new house.  Our first project is the kitchen! Let me just start by saying the kitchen in our new house is teal blue with this ivy feathery wall paper. I know a vision. So our first big project is the kitchen..


Unknown said...

Congrats on finding a house!! The housing market in Portland lately has been brutal! Very excited to see how you make your house a home.

Unknown said...

Congrats!! The housing market in Portland has been brutal lately! Can't wait to see how you turn your house into a home!

aguja said...

My best wishes for you and your family in your new home!

rooth said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see pics!

OrangeMew said...

I'm very excited to see how you make your new house a home with all your artistic talent and how practical and shrewd you are with finances!