Making Art Everyday in 2015 // Day 318

It makes me so incredibly sad and with a heavy heart thinking about Paris. Paris is such a truly magical and special place.  A place filled with croissants, macaroons, chocolate, baguettes, laughter, friendships, fluffy coffees, amazing art work, inspiration around every corner, gorgeous gardens, memories and I could keep talking about all of the beautiful things that make Paris Paris. 

I keep reading different articles about what really happened and why this would happen. I'm sure in the coming days and months, we will all learn more. I still can't believe something like this would happen in a place like Paris. A place that brings so much joy.

Oh Paris. This is just so senseless and I hope that one day each of us can be closer to accepting one another through our words,creativity and beings.

oil on paper

The art (the best part) is part of my making art everyday project and this is day 318.. To read more about this awesome project click here

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