Starting Your Career as an Artist

Guess What?! I am teaching a workshop.  eek! I am on year two of sharing my artwork everyday while being a busy a mommy of two, but I have have been showing my work for nearly 8 years. I quit my corporate finance job 6 years ago to persue my love for painting and I have never looked back.  Some of my highlights include my artwork being featured in Portlandia, Significant Mother and the Brooklyn Art Library.

It's a 3 day live workshop!  

This Workshop Will Explore:
–  Using a side project to launch your art career– Creating work and designing your portfolio– Building an audience for your work– Creating artwork that attracts media– Finding galleries who will love your work
I am super excited to share this with you and help you take your creative leap in becoming an emerging artist. If you book now- there is an early bird discount and use the code "artistsvip"
PS!oil on paper

The art (the best part) is part of my making art everyday project and this is day 67. To read more about this awesome project click here

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