Love and Beyond

The love show is upon us and opening night was this last Friday. The show will be up until the end of March. There are over 250 artists that participated and the opening was a complete zoo of people. Honestly it is one of the most interesting shows I have participated in and have been in. There is such a wide array of art in the show from paintings to installations.

I have started planning my next piece in my Oregon landscape series. I have been taking Sunday drives around NW industrial parts of Portland. So hopefully I will start the painting this week.

In class this week we are starting to paint people which I am DEATHLY afraid of since all my people look like cartoons.


Sara Moriarty said...

I have to get myself to that show. Maybe an Artist Date!?!

Can't wait to see your next landscape! And there is nothing wrong with cartoon people... heehee...

Kristin said...

congrats on a good opening weekend! can't wait to see what the landscape turns out like. :)