It has been sooo hot here! I can't really remember a time that it has been this hot in Oregon. Also there has been no AC in my studio. :( I have tried to paint in my studio but it has been sooo HOT! So I have been working on little things outside of studio. My poor little dogs also have been roasting in the weather. Here is little Yoda making a face.

This painting is of Sauvie's Island. I have been thinking about changing up my medium that I add to the oil paint. I normally do 1/3 turpenoid, 1/3 linseed, and 1/3 galkyd, but I have been doing a little bit of reading about expanding my horizons with stand oil and damar, or maybe doing some egg tempura.

Cheers to you all out in blog land!


khairun said...

a really lovely painting :)

Michelle Brunner said...

It has been so hot here as well! My studio also has no AC and it has been not so fun painting in this heat! Here is to cooler weather!

p.s. Great painting:)

Anonymous said...

Yoda looks like he wants to have a swim!