Time after Time

Well I am no longer in my 20's. I can't believe how time has been going by faster and faster. I know time only gets faster as you get older.

I recently went to New York City for my birthday and it was completely incredible and even a little life changing. I went to the MOMA, which was as amazing as I thought it would be. They had a everything from Van Gogh to Jackson Pollock to Freida. I would have to say my favorite by far was Jackson Pollock. His paintings in person- all I can simply say is that, I totally get it. I have seen a few of the Pollock movies about his auto biography and I always referred to him as the splatter guy. The emotion that jumps off the canvas can only be described in person and knowing the stories behind the paintings just added to the experience. I am still amazed at how fantastic they were in person. It's just a great reminder that sometimes paintings do not translate over print, the web etc.

I haven't been to New York in over 10 years but this is was the first opportunity that I had to explore.

I can't wait to go back..


elan said...

You mean those canolis we ate weren't life-changing? ;)

Kristin said...

i'm so excited for you. don't worry, 30 is awesome, way better then the 20's. besides no one would ever guess you were 30 anyway.

Michelle Brunner said...

I have been dying to go to NYC...lucky girl! I have never seen a real Pollock, his artwork is so intense and his life was very interesting also, don't ya think?!

Glad you had a great time:)

p.s Happy Belated Birthday!