Consumed: 2 starbucks, tomato soup, toast, creamy herbed brie, salami, strawberries, spaghetti
My friend Anna Magruder :), she paints primarily portraits, but abstracts different parts of the features. After gesso, she typically does a base coat of a cad red. Aren't they fantastic? Don't you love the big Cheez its box by my head? Cheez it's are pure evil. :( I can down a whole box.
I am still working on that 3'X3' painting.. crossing my fingers it will be done tomorrow. I typically sit with a painting for a little while to make sure it has enough balance and it makes sense.. well at least to me.

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rachel awes said...

oh how i love kelly's painting in a post below & i just saw (& really enjoyed!!) eat, pray,love!
lovely to visit here!