Artty Gift Guide

I am a huge fan of giving the gift of art.  Not just because I am an artist but I also love to collect art.  I also know that art is something that you can have for a long time, its unique, and pretty special heartfelt gift.

Kinda amazing? Don't you think?
by Kenjio

This water color piece has such a simple beauty quality and would be elegant in any space.
by The Night Jar

This artist uses recycled scraps of wood and puts it together in such a careful way and deliberate way.  The geometry of it- is gorgeous.
by Paint Square

I love a classic painter and this artist uses such soft and delicate technique and you can see the care in each brush stroke.  very Snow White.. don't let a good apple fool you!

by Greenlight Goods

The colors on the piece are so striking and the gestural approach is heavy and light in different parts.  Beautiful- I could see this painting in my kitchen.
by Paintbox

Happy Shopping!


S and O said...

Lovely blog! :)
that book art is certainly amazing I've seen a few pieces like the one above before made from recycled books it's just awesome!

Jen said...

The feather... now that's my favorite!!

Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

xhulja said...

I love your art!
please feel free to visit my blog if you like

Unknown said...

really great stuff!! being a lover of paper, the book is SO COOL!
hope you have a merry christmas (if you're into that sort of thing:) )!

Anonymous said...

I really love the feather!

Anonymous said...

The feather is beautiful. I too love when I get art as a gift, unfotunately not many know what to buy!

xhulja said...

thank you for your nice comment! You're too kind!

Diana Mieczan said...

What a beautiful guide and you are so talented. I love your art! happy day,sweetie

Anonymous said...

The top piece is really amazing! I have to admit that I do have a weakness for altered book any form! Thanks for posting these images!

Apartment Art said...

Thanks for sharing, these photos are inspiring. I especially like the book sculpture and of course the delicate feather watercolor painting.

Samantha said...

Great picks! :o)