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Monday, January 31, 2011

Motivation Monday- sidewalk chalk

Hello! My husband's little brother big 2-5 birthday was this weekend and we celebrated with steak dinner and a delicious champagne cake.  It was some serious delicious cake.. tasted like little bits of sugar cloud.
I am rereading a book called "What I Know Now About Success"- letters from extraordinary women to their younger selves edited by Ellyn Spragins. I just love this book, it reminds me that everyone had to start from some where and it often makes me wonder what I would tell my younger self or at what point in my life I would I want to talk to myself.  This is the letter Barbara Corcoran, she into real estate and a judge on Shark Tank.
Dear Barbara Ann,
      Don't be afraid.  Stand up and shout out loud and clear enough for everyone to hear: "No I am NOT stupid."
     There's a world of difference between different and being stupid.  It's not a sin when you can't follow directions or don't have the answer.  Know that there is no shame in reading out loud and that the other kids' laughter is just a sign of their discomfort with fears of their own.  They don't realize they are hearing for the first time a different kind of beautiful mind.
     You know things the smart kid's don't.  You create side walk chalk games the other kids can't even dream of.  You often know what the other kids think before they decide to tell you and can feel the mood in a room the moment you walk in.
     You know how to get your sisters to do all your chores.  You've learned how to bring humor into the middle of your family's chaos.  You know how to build complicated worlds of levels and bridges and alcoves and cliffs and islands and beaches in the little stream behind the house.
     Trust yourself, Barbara Ann.  What you can't write and spell, you will soon learn how to say.
     Hang in there, Barbara Ann.  Your talent for daydreaming will come in handy later.  And your people smarts will prove ten times more valuable than all the book smarts you can't get.
     Be patient with yourself and repeat after me.  "I am NOT stupid.  I am NOT stupid.
Happy Monday! I have some really exciting news for tomorrow that I can't wait to tell you all about it.  Well I am actually really nervous about that I am going to launch... this new and super exciting art project.  I am just a girl following her dream and I never colored with in the lines.  :)  

Friday, January 28, 2011

a little bit of love and some junk.

The sun came out- look me squinting in the sun! I can start working on my Oregonian tan.  I finished up this painting for the annual Launch Pad Gallery's Love Show. The show is being held at the amazing Ford Building's Homeland Gallery. I worked really hard on this piece and it's oil painting on canvas. 
So as you know, I love old junk.. I mean vintage! :) So I decided to make a painting of a few vintage finds that remind me of my husband. First is the the radio- my husband was in a band in college.  In fact when we met he told me he was in a band and he gave me his band's cd.s  Yes I know, he thought he was so super cool.  Next is the fan, my husband can not sleep a wink with out a fan on.  Does anyone else use a fan so that you can sleep? The camera is because we take loads and loads of pictures and we love to travel.  We take a big trip every year to get away from everything and reflect on our year and our future.
If your interested in learning more about the piece- the show will be up for 1 month for February- just send me an email  Also the piece is available as a print.

What are you up to this weekend? We are going to a birthday party and it's a steak dinner and there will be home made pie! MMM! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh Lady Date

It has been like FOREVER that I just had a fun artsy day out with one of my good lady friends.  I call it a lady date because it's like a date but with of your friends :).  You dine, check out some artsy type things and of course treasure hunt!
We needed fuel- so of course no lady would be complete with out a cheese burger and sweet potato fries.  SO delicious and if you watch Portlandia- yes they did label what farm the cow came from and all the paper was recycled and went in the compost bin.
Then we decided to look into a few local shops of crafty like products.  We went over to the new Crafty Wonderland shop- which is a shop that has all crafty like things from Portland Crafters.  The shop is sooo super amazing with awesome etsy finds.  They have a yearly super colossal sale at Christmas time, and I camp it out with friends every year for the free goodie bag!  If your in P-town next year at Christmas time- you can come camp sale with me. 
Then we decided to go to the Portland Art Museum and they had several Monet paintings on exhibit.  They were of course gorgeous as always.  PAM was setting up for the new Lichtenstein exhibit and I snuck a picture in.  Lichtenstein was the guy with the bendi dots, and had a long pony tail.  He is kinda amazing.
Then of course we visited the gift shop- where they had owl hats and of course I had to try one on. What do you think?
I went home inspired and stuffed of cheese burger- such a perfect lady date.

PS I am in two treasuries on Etsy :) Turquise is the winter color. and Painters on Etsy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY Friendship bracelets - Wanna be friends?

I think the last time I made a friendship bracelet I was maybe 10 years old and it was summer camp! I remember one night I woke up in the middle of the night and heard this loud clanging sound.  I started to sweat.  Who could be? The axe murderer in the woods?  No it was my bed clanging against my neighbors bunk.  :) Since I have art mail due- and a lot of it! I thought I would make some ever so gorgeous friendship bracelets.

1.  Embroidery Thread
2.  Safety Pin or Tape
3.  Scissors
4.  Your hands :)
Step 1- Cut your thread- and depends on how long you want your friendship bracelet to be.  The longer the better.  You will also want 2 threads of each color.   If you are like me, you will need to untangle thread.
Step 2.  Lay out. what order you want the colors. Example Red Yellow Blue then Blue Yellow Red.
 Step 3 Tie a knot.
Step 4.  Lay out the colors again like step two.
 Step 5.  From Right to Left.  Make a number 4 and go under Red under Yellow then Red under Blue then Stop then From Left an opposite 4 Red to Yellow, Red to Blue and then Red to Red.  :)  Keep repeating until you are at desired length of bracelet.  This is for a chevron type pattern.
Step 6.  Tie a little braid at the end to help with tieing when friend desires to wear it.
 Step 7.  Give to friend then guess what? You have a friend for life.
 Here is another one I made :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few things that I CAN NOT LIVE with out. :)

I have been thinking about a few things that I can not live with out, these are my must have things! Things that I could never and will never live with out.
I can not live with out my converse.  I usually get a new pair every 1-2 years and I usually keep my old ones.   My first pair of converse was when I was 16 and they were black high top and I embroidered flowers on them.  :) I am due for a new pair and I didn't know that now you can now design your own.
I can't live with out caffeine.  I am so heavily addicted to caffeine based products.  A couple of years ago I tried to give it up for New Years, and I lasted maybe 2 weeks before I CAVED in to the cravings.  I am so weak, but I do love caffeine.  I have been debating on getting a coffee cozy.  Isn't this one super cute?
I can't live with out glasses.  Not very many people know this but, I secretly wear glasses.. 98% of the time I wear contacts and I am blind with out wearing contacts or glasses.  I asked my husband, what I can't live with out.  He said- You mean besides me? Your glasses because you always run in to everything when you don't wear them.  I do think I might need a new pair or maybe an old pair.. something vintage!
I can't live with out television.  When I am on vacation and out of my house it is super easy to go with out television, but when I am home I need it on or I start hearing noises in the house.  :) Anyone else the same way?

I can not live with out the all the boys in my life  :) They have me trapped!
 What can you not live with out? 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Motivation Monday- Imagine the Possibilities.

Just imagine.. what you are about to do is going to be great.  Everyone has different road blocks in the journey of making something great.  Some have a hard time getting the car started and can't make it out of the driveway.  Some get lost and never get to their destination.  Some get a traffic ticket and give up.   Maybe your car gets a flat and you call road side assistance and you show up late and everyone is gone.  Or how about getting to the destination and never getting out of the car? Which one of these are you?
I think it really helps knowing which road block you are and how to get to your destination in your Sunday's best.  I have been on this mission for awhile trying to be better with just having a great life and figuring how to drive better and navigate my road.  

Happy a super Monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Happy Friday! This week was a busy one- painting.. meetings.. plotting.. and planning.  I can't believe January is almost over and that we are almost in February.  What are you up to this weekend? I was thinking about doing movie night and specialty cocktail night.   Maybe something fruity with a umbrella in it, sunshine in a cup.  The doom and gloom weather is getting to me, but I am sure it can all be fixed with a fuzzy cocktail.  :)
The winner for my giveaway is... drumroll please. .

MissLarissabee  -One thing about me: I love animals, I have 2 cats and a dog right now. If i had a bigger home i would have a couple more dogs.
I will have to get to work ASAP on her painting.  :) So Larissa if you could email me your address that would be awesome :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seeing RED!

This is what I have been working on for Cascade Aides Project.  Every year they have a huge art auction and I am going to submit this piece.  This is my first year applying so fingers crossed that I get in. Since I am so in love with New York City- it's a piece of people in the NYC subway.  I do love how they read while they wait.
Also I wanted to announce that I have become a red head!
I haven't been a redhead like this since college :) Happy Thursday! Creative thoughts your way. 

Oil on canvas with a gamar varnish! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY- adorable broaches

I decided that I should make some of my artsy gal pals a cute little broach.  :)  Yoda refused to get out of the picture.  He does love the camera.
1.  Felt- Assorted Colors
2.  Needle
3.  Emrboidery Thread- Fun Vibrant Colors.
4.  Stuffing
5.  Buttons- for bedazzeling!

1.  Cut your shapes of your broach.  You will need two cut outs of the broach- one for the front and one for the back.  Some ideas are below.. 
2.  Sew on the buttons.  Make some eyes.. Put some on for decoration!
3. Sew the front to the back.  Leave a hole for the stuffing.
4.  Stuff your broach- only if you want a puffy broach.
5.  Sew up your broach
6.  Attach Safety pin to back of broach.
7.  Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.  :)
I hope they like them :) I didn't stuff the mustache because I thought it looked better with out stuffing. 

PS if you haven't entered my giveaway- the winner will be picked on Friday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I heart Portland

There is a new tv mini series coming and it's based on where I am from- Portland! The tv mini series is called Portlandia.  I am born and raised in Portland, and the city is sort of known for being quirky and artsy. 

There is an organization for keeping Portland Weird and there is even an annual naked bike ride that had over 13,000 people participating.  I haven't done it but I have seen it.  :) 

I was going to have a few friends over for the premier and I do need to have it themed.  Who doesn't love a themed get together?

I think I might need a shirt.  :)
For a proper party I would need invitations.
Oregon is the number 1 micro brew per capita in the WORLD! Yes we Oregonians love our beer.  I think I would choose to have a delicious Hair of the Dog
For the tasty little treat for the gathering I am going to have donuts.. Voodoo donuts.  "The Magic is in the Hole." They aren't any ordinary donuts.  They come with unusual toppings like butter fingers.. capitain crunch..bacon.. double bubble.. oreos.. So good! Also be warned if you go look at their menu, its a little naughty.

Also as for party favors I would have a party hat :) I do love a good hat.  Portland does have a pirate society. 

Argh! Mateys :)
If you do come and visit- summer is the best. :) Cheers!
© Erika Lee Sears