Alert! In case of emergency!

How resourceful are you? Are you prepared for an emergency?  Here is my emergency kit.  First things first  I would need a really amazing bag for my emergency kit.  You never know if the world was coming to an end and I was being chased by zombies, I think this bag would really hold everything I would need in order to survive.
Next I would need a flashlight.  Why not a flashlight that's an Altoids container?  I think this is almost on the verge of secret agent and not emergency kit but it will do.
A girl's got to eat right? I don't know if there was a emergency if I will be near food! And this stuff doesn't spoil.  Who knows if the emergency would happen in space?
I would think I would need a radio to stay up to date on all the news.  Right? The vintage ones are a lot more sustainable then the new ones..  they were built to last forever.

Alright this is the most important thing in my emergency kit.  In all end of the world movies they always need a pilot.  Who is going to fly the plane?  For the low price of about $30 bucks I could learn and save the human race.  :)

Wow I feel safer already! What would you put into your kit?


Unknown said...

Haha, this is pretty funny! And definitely reminds me of Night of the Living Dead (I think it's the radio that does that). I'm not sure what i'd need but I think you've covered the basics here!

Angela said...

I have actually been thinking about this a bit lately :) I am reading a book where most of the human race's bodies have been taken over...and well you tend to think of stuff like that when you are reading such things :) I think you made some great choices. I would add bleach to my list.

abby said...

Ha! Honored you would choose my bag to fill for your survival. Hmmm not sure how long you would survive on astronaut ice cream :)

Anonymous said...

I always think about what I would do in case of emergency. I think I would only get all my cats in the car and run.

Tracey said...

Haha ... that's fantastic.
That bag is particularly awesome ... I most definitely think I'd put that to good use.

Like Bobbi I think I'd just try to grab my pets and make a run for it!! ;)