5 Easy Photography Tips!

The main reason why I originally bought a fancy camera was because I wanted to take pictures of my paintings but now my camera is so much more than that.  My camera doesn't just capture my paintings, but captures all of life's little moments.  So here are a few easy tips that I have learned along the way to help improve my pictures.
1.  Get in there!  Don't be afraid to crouch down or get on eye level to take that amazing picture.  If you  take a close pictures it makes the photo feel more intimate and personal.    
2.  Natural Light.  No flash!  If your taking a photo especially indoors- try and take the photo during the day and open your curtains and let the light in! It's an easy way to brighten up your photos with out doing much work. 
3.  Background Noise.  If your taking a photo of your kitchen you may want to tidy up a little bit- I know I don't want to think about that big pile of dishes in the background instead of what the subject of the photo is.  Sometimes when I am snapping photos for items that I am selling I will put it on white poster board- it's an easy way for the point of the photo to be about the item versus what's going on around it.  
4. Steady...! I know I don't have the most steady hands when I need them to be steady.  An easy way to get steadier pictures is use a tri-pod. I think the tri-pod I purchased was about 15 bucks.
5.  Take lots of pictures.  As an artist I am always looking and watching for inspiration.  My paintings typically come from photos that I have taken and I always snap a photo so I can remember what I saw.  I also love capturing the accidental moments and end up taking a ton of photos! When in doubt take more than 1 photo- you never know when you are going to capture that magic.  


Outcast said...

These tips are awesome Erika, I love the background one in specific, it does interrupt with the awesomeness of the photo, tripods are great too although I'm surprised at the flash one, it makes sense that natural light is the best idea.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are perfect tips!! I use them myself...love when I can get natural light! Have a great week doll x

QP said...

The surrounding area of my photos are usually cluttered with ingredients. These are great tips I can use personally, esp since I pretty much only use my iphone for photos.

Unknown said...

Totally!! All of it! Great tips for sure shots :)