Need: Gift Guide for the Creative

A few gift ideas for the creative soul. :) I love giving a gift that can inspire someone and spark their creativity!
1 - Always looking for a new way to organize my arts and crafts!
2 - One can never go wrong with this limited edition moleskin.
3 - I have had my eye on one of these forever! It helps an artist learn to draw portraits and the structure of the face.
4 - I think having palette knives are so extremely inspirational and you just want to pick them up and paint.
5 - Putty for making molds. The possibilities are endless!


Outcast said...

These all look like incredible gifts Erica, absolutely love the skull one although the molds might be the most useful of them all.

Amanda Raborn said...

Awesome gift ideas! I too love giving gifts that show I put a bit more thought into them!

It’s An Easy Life

me said...

This is awesome and I'm not just saying that. All three of my daughters are extremely artistically inclined. My 17 year old is getting ready to visit Ringling to see if that's where she wants to go to school.

There gift ideas are -perfect- for anyone with a creative side!

me said...

(I hate when that happens)


Pony Chops said...

Great selection of artist presents! I've added most of these to my wishlist now