A Tiny Bee- A Weekly Creative Club Link Up

What is it? A creative link up that is every week (Thursday) you will be given a creative prompt that will help inspire you to make something.. anything.  If you are a doodler. a photographer, a writer, a fashionista.. a baker or anything! this applies to you.  This is a weekly creative prompt to help you just plan making something.

Creativity is a funny thing.  I am a highly creative person with a big imagination but I have learned that if I developed a creative habit it was much easier to stay creative and motivated- keep your creative muscle primed :).  I used to think creativity was one of those things that came on in emotional bursts and I still think it's sort of true but I think those inspirational moments can come more often when making an effort to just plan be more creative on a regular bases.

 I wanted to start a little creative club of sorts because I love having a weekly assignment especially one that inspires me to making something different and out of my comfort zone because then it gives me the chance to make something different unique... maybe even take a creative chance that I wouldn't normally take. I think what's great about starting a little online club is that we can make some new creative friends and be inspired by some of their assignments or projects- which I think is one of the best parts aside from me making a weekly project.   I use the word project loosely because I think it's really important to listen to your inner creative spirit because this is a club where there isn't a right or wrong or big or small.. a place take a chance and try something different.  It's one of those clubs that all you have to do is show up with your creative hat on. 

I am teaming up with my creative lady friend Spencer from 12 oz Bee House to start this link up for every Thursday.  Are you ready for the first assignment- so the first link up will start on ?  We thought a great first assignment would be "Home" What does Home mean to you? maybe your current home or your first home or what's in your home like your family or that special family keepsake that you just could never seem to get rid of. or maybe it's making your favorite mac and cheese you had when you were a kid even if it came from the box.. or how about a drawing using your inner child of what home is.  I remember when I was a kid I constantly drew my home which was the shape of a box and a triangle roof with two windows and chimney with lots of pirates and the occasional mouse. :) 

Happy Thursday and hope you join in next week!


rooth said...

I really like this idea - exercising that creative muscle is really where the inspiration for my blog came from. I'll be following along with your Creative Club!

Unknown said...

I was in a club like this in college (I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called though). It was so fun to see how everyone interprets a prompt so differently with their own creative voice. Maybe I'll have to write up something about "home" this week! :)


Lauren said...

Great idea! And a great first prompt. I love how you describe your first pictures of home. Mine sound oddly similar. With a half circle sun with lines streaking out from the side of the page. :)

me said...

Love this idea!!!