88 Strong

I have been feverishly working in my studio getting ready for this upcoming show! I can't believe that this is the third year that I am participating in this show.  I think the best part about the show is there are so many themes (88) and I can paint in any of those themes.  The show is hung by theme which is pretty neat seeing all the different art in each category because it's a lot of art and super fun themes.

This is a painting of the Hollywood Theatre which is a pretty famous and old spot in Portland.  The theatre was built in 1926 and it used to show silent movies - it has since had a few face lifts since and supports independent movies.  I think one of my favorite things about the old theatre is that it still has all of the intricate architectural details- and sort of reminds me of the La Sagrada Familia in Spain.   I would love to do a big painting of this one day but I love how this turned out.

About the Show:
Location: The Goodfoot
     2845 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR
Dates: Opening is Sept 26th and runs until October 22nd.
Details: 88 artists that make 8 works and can choose from any of the 88 themes.  Every 8X8 painting is $50 and comes framed.  The show is a cash and carry show which means you pay and walk out with the painting that same night. 


rooth said...

This is about the 5,000th time I said this but sometimes, I really wish I lived in Portland. Best of luck at the show!

Outcast said...

Incredible stuff Erika, as usual I think it's brilliant, just awesome, you're so talented!

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

i love this so much. probably like many portlanders i have a soft spot for the hollywood theater. i used to go there when i was young (and it was really rundown) to see the super cheap double features. i think it was about 3 dollars for two movies.

Unknown said...

Beautiful painting!! Good luck with the show! Sounds amazing!


Erin said...

You're going to have such a good show! You're so talented, I wish I could see these in person. Did you happen to catch a 60 Minutes segment on the Sagrada Familia? It was fascinating! I definitely see touches of that in that theater. xo

k said...

that is such a cool painting! seriously, it really did turn out great! much luck to you on your show!

Unknown said...

I've got a soft spot for old theaters and love that you chose to paint it. Good luck with the show!

xo Mary Jo