Be Yourself, Together with Target Wedding

We are in middle of wedding season and Do you know what I love most about weddings? I love the getting dressed up and my most favorite the cake.  I think one of the hardest things about weddings is figuring out a gift.  I always look at the gift registry and think should I give them the fancy vase or maybe the napkin holders.  Target now has a wedding registry that has so many great gifts that go beyond the traditional gift giving.  It sounds silly but I could actually give them a fun gift that they could actually use.  Sounds crazy doesn't it?

Target asked me to interpret there wedding theme "Be Yourself, Together"with two unique gifts that represent the two love birds that are getting married. A his and hers gift that they would both enjoy.  Target is the perfect place to find the perfect wedding gift and do you know what the best part is? it was easy picking out something special that represented both people's personalities getting married.

I have a wedding I happen to be going to this weekend.  I picked this Kitchen Aid Mixer because she loves to bake or I should say tries to bake. I know with the help of this mixer it will take her baking to new heights:) and since he is a bit of a geek I got him a Darth Vader collectors figurine and I think will add to his figurine collection nicely.  These two gifts seem a little odd for a wedding but I think together embodies the couple perfectly.

This post is brought to you by Target, but all the opinions and content are my own.  Want to see more? Follow along with #TargetWedding on twitter and instagram.


QP said...

I love that colour mixer. I have a plain old silver one. :)

QP said...

I love that colour. I have the plain old silver.

Outcast said...

This is really cool, agree so much with you on both present too, this is just awesome Erika.