Making Art Everyday in 2015 // Day 66

I have been doing a of thinking this week about how important it is to have a certain sort of practice at whatever you make. I have always been in the artist more involved in making work for clients and shows, that I have completely forgotten the practice. Practice makes perfect, but I don't really need to reach a level of perfection. I need to be thinking more about the bigger picture of the piece versus having a perfectly straight line. So I will continue to practice and make art everyday. To read more about this project click here.


Lauren said...

Oh, a couple things to say here. First, our house has a sharply pitched roof like that, so just looking at this piece makes me smile! :) Second, because I'm working in a new medium (film), everything feels like practice to me these days. But I'm still keenly aware of my lack of structure at it. I'm a little to free with my "Oh, let's pick up the camera..." and GO. I'd like to have more structure to my time and be more ritualistic about it. And see if better things come.

rooth said...

Practice is important (and the discipline behind it), particularly with things that matter to you. It may not be the most fun but is worth it in the long run