Making Art Everyday in 2015 // Day 113

I have been currently obsessing over listening to podcasts during my kid free morning and studio time. When I say kid free morning time, it's before my kids wake up and that means the crack of dawn.  I'm trying a little experiment of instead of staying up really late, doing artwork, and then dragging the rest of the day because I am such a night owl.  I am waking up a couple of hours earlier to get my work done in the morning.  I'm only a week into waking up early versus staying up late and so far I am feeling like I have a lot more alert and energy through out the day.

Back to podcasts! So part of my morning routine has been listening to podcasts.  Podcasts have been giving me that extra nudge of creativity and you can do it attitude.  Something I especially need in the morning. Let's be honest being a creative is really hard and a lot of hard work. and those voices of self doubt are huge and sometimes can feel enormous. I've been starting my morning with a little inspiration and kid free (I can't decide which ones better)

The Lively Show is my current favorite. It's a lot about being an creative entrepreneur with out loosing your intention and inspiration. This one is so great and has so many unexpected guests. Guests that I wouldn't think would inspire me to remember my core goals and to be fearless.

Are you listening to any new podcasts?

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Michelle brunner said...

What time are you waking up? I have tried 4:30 and 5 am and somehow my little kiddos know I am awake and therefore wake up also! I have been so impressed with your dedication! Love your paintings:)

Wasabi Honey Bee said...

Yes, I love when I get even 15 minutes of quiet with a cup of tea before the boisterous mornings happen. Battling up early verses late has been a huge thing for me. I agree, earlier makes for a more inspired day... except, sometimes : )

rooth said...

Have you listened to Selected Shorts before? It's a good one, especially if you like storytelling