Making Art Everyday in 2015 // Day 179

A sweet little chickadee.

I needed something sweet for my day. Nora is almost three and the other moms have warned me about the infamous "three-anger" phase. Her words are growing and growing, but so have her tantrums. She is learning to understand the world, but wow the tantrums are tough. Her biggest tantrums are about understanding that sometimes other children do not want to share and not taking things that aren't hers.  

I love the fact that she is persistent and I do not want to ever discourage that, but it's hard teaching her the line.  She has a really tough time letting things go or even trying to distract her. She has laser beam focus! :) I know it will get easier.

Parenting is hard. 

The art (the best part) is part of my making art everyday project and this is day 179. To read more about this awesome project click here.

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